2017 Annual Summit: Raising Funds for the Rescue at Sea Appeal Run by Save the Children

During the registration process for our 2017 Annual Summit we are raising funds for the Rescue at Sea Appeal run by Save the Children.

Every year we raise funds for charity and it is important that we carefully select the recipient each year as we really want our money to help others and to make a difference. We are aware that many agencies and projects survive through charitable donations and they can’t help others without people helping them.

We believe that giving is good for the spirit and changes us into better people and we are delighted to support such a worthy case as the Rescue at Sea Appeal.

Money raised will help towards funding their ship to rescue children and their families from the water and to provide emergency medical treatment, food, water and clothes. The ship also has a safe space for children to rest, play and recover as more than 90% of children travelling are alone. The experts on board give them emotional support and practical help.

Please click here to see our fundraising through the years.

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Photo credit: Miya Tajima-Simpson / Save The Children.

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