Over 50 participants take part in first ever Meet our New Members video session

Over 50 participants attended Project Cargo Network’s first ever Meet our New Members video session, where each featured company had 5-minutes to introduce themselves.

President/C.E.O., Rachel Crawford introduced the session “One of the most important aspects of our annual gatherings is to welcome and get to know our new Members – that is where business grows for everyone. We are hopeful that we will get to meet in October in Croatia but in the meantime, we do not want our Members to miss out. We hope that today’s video session will help to accelerate business relations as “seeing” who you are talking to allows for more engaging conversations than telephone calls or emails.”

An online brochure accompanied the session with direct contact details so that Members could connect each other after the session.

In order of appearance:

  • Willie Tseng, EZ Link Corp, TAIWAN
  • Vincent Mullot, Groupe BBL, FRANCE
  • Sundreysh Sarup, Logistics Plus India Pvt Ltd, INDIA
  • Dmitriy Balaban, Alphatrans, UKRAINE
  • Edmund Tam, Unique Logistics, HONG KONG
  • Evgeniya Shlebina, Ardena Transport, UZBEKISTAN
  • Dave Roosen, R&B Global Projects, CROATIA
  • Viktor Kardos, Austromar, HUNGARY
  • Luisa Sousa, NVO Xpress, PORTUGAL
  • Andy Pavlovici, Transgor Logistik, ROMANIA
  • Carol Alvarenga, Paramar, PARAGUAY

A recording of the video session is available in the Members Area for those who were unable to participate due to varying time zones.

“Thank you for the initiative with this new meeting, which I know will be of great help to all, in addition to strengthening the bonds already formed between Members, in the midst of all this global lockdown and restrictions. It was splendid to see and hear from the new Members.” Tania I. Rosales A. (MIM. Eng.), Upcargo Logistics, Panama.

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