Afriguide Logistics with Used Mining Haul Trucks Exported to Australia

South African members, Afriguide Logistics were recently tasked with preparing and shipping 2 used CAT793’s in CKD form from Durban to Australia.

Director at Afriguide, Brad Stephens comments; “The challenge with shipping used mining equipment to Australia is that it must be thoroughly cleaned to the point that there is no trace of biological material left on the machine. For a machine that weighs 384tns and has the sole function of moving dirt, day in and day out, one can easily imagine how big a task it is to clean one of these! Nevertheless, our experienced team were well up to the task and managed to get both sets of machines cleaned to Australian standards in just 12 days.

Since the trucks had been stripped down, there was a fair amount of consolidation of the small parts as all the cargo was to be shipped as RORO static and the majority would need to be loaded onto MAFI trailers. Unlike many terminals across the world, the port of Durban does not provide terminal handling for heavy lift pieces which means that the onus is on the forwarder to arrange the crane, rigging, MAFI tractor, dunnage and lashing – fortunately, this is an area of specialty for Afriguide!”

All the cargo was loaded on board and shipped before being delivered safely to Brisbane.

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