Al Bader with High-Quality Shipment of Another Crawler Crane

In addition to a previous shipment from Kuwait to Lagos in Nigeria that was handled at the start of March (click here to read more), Al Bader Shipping were once again given the responsibility to deliver one more crawler crane, a Kobelco CKE 2500-2, weighing 243,568.77kg and measuring 786.252cbm in its entirety, this was the biggest unit in the project.

Quality lashing and stuffing to the 42 pieces (crane and accessories) was securely completed with the cargo loaded at the site on the 16th March and loaded onto the ship on 30th March. The base machine and heavy cargo was loaded using sufficient MAFI trailers and the remaining cargo was placed and maneuvered on deck.

The promise of end-to-end, high-quality service and maintenance, from picking up the cargo, securing it, customs clearance, vessel scheduling and delivering to the customer that is guaranteed for every shipment by the Al Bader team was successfully fulfilled yet again.

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