Al Bader Kuwait with Efficient Shipping of Crawler Cranes

Last month, Al Bader Shipping successfully accomplished a shipment of 4 big crawler cranes (3 x Kobelco CKE 2500 and 1 x Kobelco CKE 1350) from Kuwait to Lagos, Nigeria. The cargo totalled 675,650kg / 1,875.051cbm.

The high-quality logistical performance and capability of Al Bader Shipping was reflected in the shipment timeline which included the continuous loading from the site spanned over four days at the end of February followed by loading onto the vessel at the beginning of March.

With a total of 113 pieces consisting of the cranes and their accessories, Al Bader ensured that each unit was delivered with optimal standards and secured lashing and stuffing.

The scope of work by Al Bader also included extensive inspections, thorough customs clearance and effective planning which resulted in the accelerated and high-quality service.

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