Al Nahrain Transport 22 Heavy Vehicles from Jordan to Iraq

Al Nahrain for Transportation and Marine Services moved 22 units of heavy mobile vibrator vehicles each equipped with special tools from Aqaba in Jordan to Baghdad in Iraq.

The shipment of 22 vehicles, each with a gross weight of 31,400kg, was handled in one lot for the Ministry of Oil and Oil Exploration Co (OEC) in Iraq. Director of Operations & Logistics Services, Ragheb S. Banat explains; “This archive project handled back in 2013 needed collaborated efforts and collective experience between our Jordan & Iraq offices and Al Nahrain executed a distinguished and clean project from Aqaba Port to the Baghdad location. By applying safe cargo handling, using appropriate vehicles and trailers, suitable lashing materials, qualified drivers and continuous escorts along with detailed follow ups, we managed to perform a secure delivery to the satisfaction of our client. In fact, this project was a ‘golden key’ in securing several more projects & shipments for the same client.”

Al Nahrain are reliable PCN members in Jordan and Iraq.

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