Alexander Global Logistics Begin Extraordinary Project for 3 Floodgates in Germany

Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) have recently begun a massive, extraordinary project involving 3 super heavy floodgates in Germany.

AGL has started to deliver the first steel construction segments, with units weighing up to 74tns and over-dimensions up to 5.8m wide and 56m in length, using multi-axle trucks from the German manufacturer’s location over a distance of approximately 700kms to the German Baltic port of Sassnitz on the island of Rugen.

In Sassnitz, the segments will be assembled over the next 3 years into 3 huge lock-gates for the replacement of the current locks at the German port of Brunsbüttel (the North Sea entrance of the North Sea-Baltic Canal). AGL will manage and handle a total of around 160 special transports with heavy lift and OOG segments over this period. After assembly in Sassnitz, each gate will have dimensions of 48 x 10.5 x 25m with an individual weight of 2,250tns.

AGL will also organise and supply the housings for all 3 floodgates in order to execute the anti-corrosion work. Each housing will be 60 x 18 x 30m and AGL will design the technical requirements for such huge housings (i.e. to withstand wind and snow etc.).

AGL will transport the floodgates from the assembly yard to the pier using 96-axle SPMT’s and will arrange the lifting into the water with a 1,200tn crawler crane and a 1,200tn floating crane. Once in the water, AGL will organise the heeling and balance test of the units which will then be tugged over the Baltic Sea and through the North Sea-Baltic Canal by AGL to their final destination. All necessary certificates and documentation will be organised and delivered by AGL.

Once at the jobsite, AGL will also organise the floating into the final position at the Brunsbüttel jobsite with tugs and land-based winches. This operation will need to be ultra-precise for such large pieces as the room for manoeuvring will be just 0.5-1cm!

“This is a perfect example of logistics at its best! AGL once again shows that their portfolio is much more than just transport from A to B.”

Jürgen Weyhausen (Director of Projects) will be providing more details on this project as part of a case study during the 2016 PCN Annual Summit in Dubai (20-22 November). Please click here to register (only open to PCN members). Alexander Global Logistics are PCN members in Germany, Russia and Mongolia.

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.

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