Alexander Global Logistics Report their Next Heavy Lift Full Charter

Alexander Global Logistics (AGL) report their next heavy lift full charter vessel – this time from Germany to Sweden.

Last weekend, the AGL team organised a project shipment consisting of a total of 2,000frt of dismantled, used scrap shear metal with many single pieces weighing up to 120tns each plus a lot of smaller and medium sized parts. AGL performed the transport, handling, chartering of a heavy lift coaster vessel and surveys as well as being responsible for the tallying and marking of all the cargo. Photographs are shown in the full article linked below.

Jürgen Weyhausen (Director of Projects) concludes; “This is another good example of what ‘logistics’ stands for in our name – we offer much more than just transport from A to B.”

This shipment was completed on the 3rd April. Alexander Global Logistics are PCN members in Germany, Russia and Mongolia.

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.

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