Altus Norway Manages Passenger Aircraft Charter & Crew Change Operations

Altus Norway recently assisted their client by managing a passenger aircraft charter and crew change operations. Many of Altus Norway’s most trusted clients are related to the marine and offshore environment and when they were posed the challenge to support a client’s crew change in Cameroon, they took on the job!

Roughly 50 on-signers and 50 off-signers flew in each respective direction between Europe and Douala in Cameroon on a Boeing 737-800 that Altus Norway chartered for the operation. As part of the service, Altus also supported the client with the handling of COVID-19 risk reduction, favourable contract terms, all types of permits and landing rights, coordination of connecting flights for crew members and preparing all necessary information required for crew, the client’s management and other stakeholders.

Post operations, Altus have received warm greeting messages from happy crew members who enjoyed the journey and were very pleased to get back to their families after a long period offshore. One crew member said; “It looks like our crew change was possible thanks to the hard work and efforts of all involved at Altus Norway. Great job!”

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