Anker Logistica Collaborate on Several Successful Project Cargo

Anker Logistica have recently undertaken two projects, one in collaboration with LEMAN USA and one with Actanis Project Cargo in Spain.

Their first shipment, in collaboration with Actanis, saw the delivery of three drilling machines from Cartagena, Spain to Barcelona. The shipment weighed a total of 45.2 t with a volume of 215 cbm.

Find more details below:

Shipper: Anker Logistica y Carga
Consignee: Actanis Project Cargo
Cargo: Three drilling machines
Weight: 45.2 tons total
Volume: 215.57 cbm
ETD: 14/08/2018
ETA: 24/09/2018
POL: Cartagena
POD: Barcelona

A spokesperson from Anker said on the shipment:

“We sent these drilling machines to Spain for one of our best clients and to finish a temporary shipment from 12 months ago. We confirm to the client the whole process since customs, local transportation and international freight until final destination port.”

Their second shipment, in collaboration with LEMAN, saw the delivery of a large FlexSteel pipe (68 coils) from Houston, Texas to Tolú, Colombia. This large shipment weighed a total of 1,156 t with a volume of 3,000 cbm.

More details below:

Shipper: LEMAN USA
Consignee: Anker Logistica y Carga
Cargo: FlexSteel Pipe (68 coils)
Weight: 1,156 tons total
Volume: 3,000 cbm
ETD: 01/12/2018
ETA: 08/12/2018
POL: Houston
POD: Tolú

A spokesperson from Anker said:

“We are making this project currently with our partners at LEMAN USA. Our main goal is move this cargo from the Houston EXW service to Cartagena – 68 coils into a express service direct to Tolú , with more than 3000 cbm in just one shipment.”

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