Anker Logistica Handle Gas Compressor to Cartagena

Anker Logistica, our Members in Colombia, successfully conducted the movement of a gas compressor unit from Houston to Cartagena.

Thanks to the diligence of Anker’s project logistics team, all the EXW coordination for this job was completed to deliver the cargo from the shipper’s facilities to their client’s destination field in Colombia.

Cargo for this project included a gas compressor unit: a unit dedicated to maintaining or increasing the pressure of transported gas as it moves through the pipelines to the supplier and the final consumer.

Anker covered the full scope of services on this shipment, including: review of all documents and cargo information for importing into Colombia, compliance with all customs requirements, collection of the cargo, delivery in perfect condition to the Houston Industrial terminal, delivery to Colombia in a special bulk cargo vessel, the entire loading process thereafter and then confirmation of the final destination, according to the requests and needs of their client.

“Always our extra value is to give the customer more than the regular BB agent service, it is to go exactly to any source they need to complete the process and finally finish the service working hand in hand with the customer, the environment and all the people involved.”

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