Aryamasir Delivers Over 900tns of Oil & Gas Related Cargo to Azerbaijan

Iranian PCN members, Aryamasir International Transport are pleased to share another successful project loaded in China and delivered to Baku in Azerbaijan via Iran.

Over 900tns of cargo relating to an oil & gas site in Azerbaijan was collected in 89 units for pre-carriage at the factory in China and loaded at Shanghai port where a vessel chartered by Aryamasir made the journey to Bandar Abbas, Iran. On arrival in Bandar Abbas, the cargo was loaded onto 42 trucks and transported to the final destination of Baku, Azerbaijan.

Afshin Daryaie (General Manager) concludes; “28 days’ transit from China to Iran and 7 days of loading meant the project was completed safely and securely well within the 40 days stipulated. A good example of the brilliant transit route through Iran for the whole of Central Asia.”

The complete operation was successfully arranged by the Aryamasir project team. Some of the cargo is photographed aboveĀ on the trucks.

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