Aryamasir Load 2nd Truck Convoy of Pipes to Azerbaijan

Iranian PCN members, Aryamasir International Transport announce the loading of 565 pipes (total: 401,250kg / 471.764cbm). The cargo was transported from Tianjin in China to Bandar Abbas and after declaration, has begun the trucking to Shirvan, Azerbaijan.

The pipes were loaded in 17 trucks as photographed above. This is the 2nd lot of pipes delivered by Aryamasir to complete the project and General Manager, Afshin Daryaie comments “Our customer was pleased with our services and these shipments have concluded with a new project to be handled by Aryamasir for 30,000tns of pipes to be transported from China to Azerbaijan very soon.”

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.

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