BATI Group with Air & Sea Charter for Diesel Pumps

The BATI Group were recently required to charter a plane whilst chartering a vessel in the same project!

BATI Group had planned a shipment from Mexico to Tunisia in January. However, BATI encountered some production delays and so BATI Air chartered half of the project at the same time.

The commodity was diesel pumps, which are extremely important for the site in Tunisia. There were 2 pumps of 3 meters and 17 tons, which had to be handled un-boxed.

Therefore, BATI arranged a flight the same night while arranging all the customs in Mexico.

Whilst the time was ticking for the flight crew time limit, BATI finished the customs in the last minute and arranged the flight to take off from Mexico.

The shipment took 3 days and was safely delivered on-site in Tunisia.

A spokesperson from BATI said:

“BATI Group is more than happy and proud to finish another charter project by Air Freight.”

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