BATI & Hacklin Get Together to Carry Mining Equipment

BATI Shipping & Trading and Hacklin Logistics have recently cooperated for a door-to-door shipment of mining equipment with a total weight of 100tn (1,000cbm).

The biggest and heaviest piece of the mining equipment measured 5.17m and weighed 38tn and the shipment was delivered from Turkey to Egypt. The biggest challenge for the project was the loading of the cargo due to the extremely unbalanced centre of gravity which had to be overcome in a very short time. The road conditions on the journey also proved difficult as due to the height of the cargo, the truck had to have a very low trailer.

In conclusion, Kaan Aydin (BATI Business Development Manager) comments; “The project team of BATI are more than happy to successfully finish another job with one of our best partners in Northern Europe and fellow PCN members, Hacklin.”

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