Brunel Handle Transport of Hyster ReachStacker in the UK

UK members, Brunel Shipping were recently contacted to transport a Hyster ReachStacker (RS46-36CH) weighing 79,280kgs.

Shauna Harrison at Brunel explains; “The ReachStacker was to be transported from Purfleet and after much deliberation, we worked with Purfleet CLdN to get the clearance, release and location of the equipment. After five days liaising with local authorities and the local police, we had confirmation of all the legalities and we were at Purfleet to start work and load an extendable beam trailer with a depth of 300cm. It took 3-4 hours to load the Hyster onto the vehicle and secure it for the safe transportation.”

Brunel safely and securely transported the Hyster within the time frame required whilst saving their important client some money!

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