Brunel with Recent Projects including Charter of AN124

AN124 Charter Movement from UK to China
Brunel Project Cargo successfully chartered the world famous AN124 for time sensitive Oil & Gas equipment from UK to China.

After months of planning and meetings Brunel began loading in the early hours of the morning, dealing with blizzard conditions; but thanks to their expertise and knowledge the operations flew without a hitch.

Brunel understood that loading was to be a slow process as they only had 3 cms of height for clearance in the cargo hold. After a full 24 hours from loading at vendor premises to completing the lasing and securing on the AN124, they had a well-deserved rest and managed to get back in-time for New Year celebrations.

48 Ton Scanner Movement from UK to USA
Brunel Project Cargo recently moved 48-ton scanner from UK to USA under door to door movement for one of their VIP clients. The scanner was OOG OW and top lift-able.

This type of movement requires Air Ride vehicles in UK & USA due to the sensitivity of the cargo.

2 Static Rail Cars from UK to China
Brunel Project Cargo, had been appointed to move 2 static rail cars from UK to China, for an overseas client.

The rail cars where shipped as BB on a container vessel, and OOG OW & OH.

Factory Relocations from UK to USA
Brunel Project Cargo handled the scope of manufacturing equipment for 2 of its clients from UK to USA, shipping in containers and flat racks and handled the movements from door-to-door.

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