C.H. Robinson & Livo Logistics Deliver Construction Equipment

C.H. Robinson and Livo Logistics have recently teamed up to deliver critical construction equipment.

C.H. Robinson executed the delivery of crawler hydraulic excavators, pipe layers and other critical components to a Brownfield site in Acheson, Alberta, Canada. There was a total of 25 main units broken down into 52 pieces of cargo. The cargo originated in Peru and was transported to the port of Olympia in Washington from the port of Pisco in Peru. Livo Logistics chartered the ocean carrier.

C.H. Robinson had boots on the ground and supervised all port operations including the vessel’s discharge and the loading of the specialised truck trailers. C.H. Robinson also customs cleared the cargo and managed all border crossing activities prior to the 840-mile journey to Acheson.

It took a total of 46 days to safely transport the 2,700cbm (1,000mtn) of cargo from origin to destination, which also included 10 containers in two lots from Mexico that required destuffing. All the cargo arrived on time and in good condition.

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