C.H. Robinson Provides Innovative Solutions to Keep the Project Moving

C.H. Robinson Project Logistics recently received two large modules via ocean carriage from South Korea at the Port of Freeport bound for a site near Houston. The largest unit measured 16.2 x 6.0 x 5.5m.

The transporters arrived at the terminal to an unexpected challenge. It turned out the dimensions received were inaccurate and the cargo was taller than had been declared by the supplier. Unfortunately, this change would require a new route study which would delay the project. This was particularly unfavourable news considering COVID-19 and vessel delays had already impacted the schedule of the project.

Rather than incur third-party utility related expenses, C.H. Robinson’s logistics specialists recommended to decrease the height of the modules by removing some protrusions from the top. By decreasing the height, they would be able to use the original permits and travel immediately. The client approved these suggestions and sent three technicians to the terminal to remove the top portion of each module. This innovative solution avoided impactful utility expenses and allowed the cargo to be delivered the same day.

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