C.H. Robinson Quickly Resolves Issue for Wind Farm Project

Earlier this year, the team at C.H. Robinson Project Logistics delivered wind components to Kansas for a long-term valued client. Further work on the project was then required after it was discovered that the top portion of one of the wind towers had sustained some damage while at a storage yard.

By this time, the permits for that area had expired and reclamation work had begun to repair the land where the temporary roads had been constructed. C.H. Robinson’s onsite representative had to think fast to get a replacement part delivered right away. Timing was crucial as the new part needed to arrive while the top crew was still onsite.

A single component was sourced from another storage yard and new permits were ordered. The client relied on C.H. Robinson’s team of experts to contact civil authorities and arrange for the temporary roads to be put back in place for the delivery. The contracted top out crew was also contacted and put on standby to be ready to receive and install the replacement top when it arrived.

Although many projects experience roadblocks and issues, working with project logistic experts like C.H. Robinson can help mitigate disruptions and keep projects moving.

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