Centauro Argentina & Central Oceans Thailand with Urgent Airfreight Project

With an urgent request and facing the current complex worldwide logistical situation, Centauro Argentina recently found an air solution for two important pieces of equipment from Thailand. The pieces were needed to repair a Siemens STG 800 turbine for one of Centauro’s main clients.

With the cooperation of fellow PCN member, Central Oceans Thailand, they were able to make the delivery in record time. The smaller piece of 1,100kg flew via London with British Airways and the larger 14,000kg piece flew by a charter flight on an Antonov 1 directly from Pattaya Airport in Thailand to Mendoza Airport, Argentina.

The larger critical piece arrived at the destination airport in Mendoza at 15:30 in the afternoon and it was already in the possession of the client the same night, having safely and successfully fulfilled the delivery commitment in a timely manner.

A big challenge achieved by Centauro and Central Oceans to deliver so efficiently from Southeast Asia to remote Argentina – 18,000km with a transit time of 80 hours.

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