CF&S Organise Another Load of Agricultural Machinery by Rail

CF&S have organised the transportation of agricultural machinery from Finland to Azerbaijan via Estonia.

The machines arrived by trucks to Paldiski South Harbour in Estonia where they were disassembled by CF&S specialists to help reduce the cost of the project. A total of 48 units of agricultural machinery were then carefully loaded onto CF&S-owned special 80′ railway platforms and sent to Azerbaijan. The distance covered by the equipment totalled about 4,000km.

“CF&S provides special services for the transportation of heavyweight and oversized items in the Baltic States, Russia and CIS countries. Based on the unique needs of the customer, we can organise transportation by sea, road and/or rail. Our services includes load planning, checking road conditions and/or railway routes, procuring the necessary permits, temporary removal of traffic obstacles as well as shifting goods by sliding and jacking or by use of other specialized hoisting equipment. For further information please contact us on”

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