CLS Receives & Delivers Another Manitowac Crane in the Dominican Republic

C Logistics Solutions (CLS) are PCN members in the Dominican Republic and are pleased to share another delivery of a Manitowac crane.

This is the 4th Manitowac crane that C Logistics Solutions have received and delivered in the past 12 months with this particular crane being used for a pier construction & ferry service project in the North-East of the Dominican Republic.

CLS are to be commended for the fast and smooth customs clearance, dispatch and delivery to site for such a large piece of equipment. The crane was discharged and the heavy pieces loaded directly to 12 trucks during the afternoon of the 4th August with all the cargo arriving at the job site before 09:00 the next morning after an overnight journey with escorts & police outriders.

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.

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