Coordinadora Report Outstanding Shipment of 6 Massive Columns

Towards the end of 2015, PCN member in Spain, Coordinadora Internacional de Cargas took charge of an impressive shipment awarded to them by an important international EPC company located in Germany.

The cargo consisted of 6 massive columns for the petrochemical industry with the 2 biggest pieces measuring 58.90m & 61.90m and weighing 422mt & 193mt. The columns were shipped from Avil├ęs Port in Spain which is close to the manufacturer’s workshop to Duluth, Minnesota in the USA, a medium sized port located at the Great Lakes. From there, the final destination of the cargo was in Canada where the client is developing an important project with this shipment being a key component in the process.

After being moved to the quay using SPMT vehicles, the cargo was loaded on board using the cranes of the heavy lift vessel especially chartered by Coordinadora for this purpose. On arrival in Duluth, unloading was performed directly onto supports in order to be later reloaded on special rail cars for the inland transport to the final destination. Coordinadora also assisted the client in providing a 20′ SOC unit to consolidate all the small boxes, accessories and spare parts. This allowed significant time saving at both ends, a better tracking of all cargo and a simpler issuance of customs procedures with the US Authorities.

CEO at Coordinadora, Mr. Pablo Higueras describes the operations; “The most challenging point we faced with this project was the huge length of the main columns. However, our in-house engineers carefully checked the stowage on board and the lifting manoeuvres as well as leading a close coordination with all involved parties such as the owner’s technicians and the shippers and manufacturers engineering teams. A good example of this was the adaptation of the lifting solutions as the US Railcar Authorities deemed it necessary to eliminate the column’s initial lifting trunnions because it was over the allowed maximum dimensions. Coordinadora reacted quickly to the situation and proposed an alternative lifting system to perform the loading & unloading operations which was as safe and secure as the original plan.

The coordination of all parties during this kind of operation (vessel crew, stevedores, shore welders, shipper representative, surveyors, FAS deliverer, etc.) requires clear leadership managing the whole project concept. Coordinadora’s standard procedure is to send our most trained and experienced personnel to handle such a role and in this case, 2 senior engineers from our heavy lift department attended the 3 days of operations at the port of loading ensuring a safe and successful process and achieving our goal of the client’s full satisfaction.”

To conclude, Coordinadora has again delivered the optimal solution with state of the art logistics, capacity, technical know-how, global coordination and a commitment to safety and standards, all important requirements in the heavy lift industry.

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