Coordinadora Successfully Handle Huge Pieces for Sadara Project

PCN member in Spain, Coordinadora Internacional de Cargas specialise in the transport of heavy-lift pieces and the management of project cargo operations. Founded in 1982, Coordinadora accumulates three decades of experience which have given them an undisputable knowledge of the market.

Coordinadora have recently successfully performed a critical shipment for the Sadara Project. The cargo consisted of 5 heavy-lift pieces plus accessories, totalling around 14,600cbm, transported from Masan Port in South Korea to the Sadara jobsite in Saudi Arabia. The longest piece measured 76.68m with the heaviest weighing 629mt.

The scope of work handled included the ocean and road transportation at destination. The port operations at both ends was planned in great detail by Coordinadora’s in-house engineering department to ensure the smoothest and safest operations at each stage.

Mr. Pablo Higueras (CEO) explains; “This operation proved to be an extraordinary challenge, especially for the complex lifting operation of the 76.68m long item, which required the usage of the 3 vessel cranes in two consecutive movements – Firstly with 2 cranes to remain supported on the weather deck with the 3rd used on the final repositioning.

Once the cargo arrived in Saudi Arabia, adverse weather conditions made the road transportation a difficult process. However, previous extensive planning, the checking of transport configurations, the correct provision of axles and a smooth performance turned this tough scenario into a full success. Coordinadora is proud to have a satisfied client from this landmark transportation.”

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