CSS Bahrain Delivers Another Huge Load for Ongoing Project

Consolidated Shipping Services (CSS) have handled another load of heavy and over-dimensional cargo as part of the ongoing project they are handling for a power and desalination plant in Bahrain.

This time, CSS Bahrain discharged 1,864.29tn / 14,253.30ft of heavy lift, over-dimensional and general cargo from various origins at KBSP Port before transport onto the final job site. See the gallery below for photos.

After receiving the cargo under hooks at Bahrain KBSP Port, CSS handled the movement to the port storage with some cargo put on stools to be transported by barge at a later date. The rest of the cargo was transported by road to the site after customs clearance and full inspections.

“Acquiring the necessary permissions was a challenge due to the current conditions but the biggest test was to transport the 11 over-dimensional units measuring 31.28 x 5.16 x 2.28m (53tn) and 10.30 x 7.10 x 4.00m (40tn) amidst the restrictions and road-works on route.

All these shipments for the project were handled and executed in a timely manner with the entire team working tirelessly during these difficult times. We are delighted to confirm that everything went accordingly to plan and we look forward to the same process and handling for the forthcoming vessels!”

For any queries, please contact info@cssbahrain.com or projects@cssbahrain.com.

Congratulations to CSS Bahrain on another great feat of transport and logistics!

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