CSS Bahrain Reports Another Shipment for Ongoing Power & Desalination Plant Project

Bahrain members, Consolidated Shipping Services (CSS) are pleased to report another shipment as part of the ongoing project they are handling for a power and desalination plant. The latest load saw 1,341.585tn / 10,939.28ft of heavy lift, over-dimensional and general cargo discharged from various origins.

The scope of work handled by CSS included receiving the cargo under hooks at Bahrain KBSP Port, movement to the port storage area where the large units were put on stools, customs clearance, inspections, and further transport at a later date to the site.

Acquiring the necessary permissions was a particular challenge but the biggest test was to transport 5 over-dimensional units measuring 3670 x 322 x 310cm (50tn each) and 6 units measuring 1030 x 710 x 400cm (38tn each) amidst the restrictions on route. However, CSS smoothly handled the issues with a safe and successful delivery.

Please also see the links below for details of the previous shipments handled by CSS for this ongoing project.

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.


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