DC Logistics Brasil Ship 51′ Yacht to the U.S.A.

DC Logistics, a member experienced with projects in Brazil, has just shipped a 51’ yacht to the U.S.A.

The dimensions of the cargo measure out at 15 x 4.2 x 5.8 m, weighing in at 19 T.

The cargo was loaded as loose pieces and lashed on-board to a bed of flat racks, from Itajai port in Santa Catarina to Miami port; terms were quay/water.

Due to the size of the cargo – mainly its height – the cargo was moved from a shipyard to Itajai port by means of a truck designed specifically for the transportation of yachts. The yacht was then assembled on the cradle at port and customs cleared and loaded the cargo on-board a container vessel.

DC Logistics Brasil voice why they chose this method of transportation:

“This is a very competitive way to ship break bulk cargo on a liner vessel, instead of paying an inducement for a break bulk vessel, which is much more expensive as there’s no regular route.”

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