December & January Projects by Aaras Shipping Agencies

Aaras Shipping Agencies are PCN members in Pakistan and are pleased to report their recent project shipments handled in December and January. Two breakbulk & project cargo vessels were appointed to their agency services along with complete logistics operations. The total weight of the cargo discharged by the Aaras stevedoring team from the 2 vessels totalled around 17,843.1915mtns with most of the units being heavy, long and/or oversized. Business Development Manager, Masood Ahmed provides full details under each vessel:

Vessel 1: MV. ‘Serpentine’ arrived at Port Qasim on the 29th December 2015 carrying 188 pieces of windmill blades with dimensions of 41 x 2.95 x 3m and weight of 455.321mtns / 12,472.97cbm. The cargo was a partial shipment for a windmill power generation project (up to 49.50mgw capacity) on behalf of M/S. Master Wind Energy Limited. Our stevedoring team efficiently and safety discharged the cargo from the vessel under direct delivery hook/hook and arranged the inside transportation from berth to the stowage area allotted by the Port Qasim Authority. On completion of the custom formalities, we then arranged the inland transportation of the windmill blades to the job site.

Thereafter, MV. ‘Serpentine’ called at Karachi Port to discharge the remaining cargo which included a used asphalt mixing plant (Tanaka 2500) as a partial shipment for M/S. Mohammad Arif Construction (P) Limited. The rest of the shipment discharged at Karachi consisted of 658 pieces of steel and other metal cargo for various projects.

Vessel 2: MV. ‘Han Ren’ arrived at Port Qasim on the 30th December 2015 with cargo consisting of 805 pieces with a total weight of around 6,738.1545mtns. The project cargo was made up of:

  • 139 pieces of windmill tower sections, nacelles and hubs for the same windmill power generation project (for M/S. Master Wind Energy Limited) as the blades shipped on the Serpentine described above. The pieces weighed a total of approximately 2,217.471mtns / 16,691.03cbm.
  • 548 pieces for a coal fired power generation project (up to 2 x 660mgw capacity) on behalf of M/S. Port Qasim Electric Power Company Limited. The cargo included the boiler structure (including stairs & platform), steel structures and pipes, etc.
  • 8 pieces of a used power plant (8000KVA HFO Genset) including the generator, radiator and exhaust silencer plus all standard accessories and essential parts stuffed in 4 x 40′ GP and 1 x 40′ HC (SOC container) for the project of M/S. Kohinoor Textile Mills Limited.
  • 92 pieces of crawler cranes plus accessories and container activity rooms along with work clothes and safety equipment.

Our stevedoring & operation teams worked day and night to ensure the fast turnaround of the vessel to her next destination.

Aaras Shipping Agencies has a proven record of many project cargo movements and these examples help qualify us as a trusted partner to safely deliver any sort of project shipment. We also enjoy excellent partnerships with the biggest ship-owners and other industry service providers. Please feel free to contact us to provide any or all of the logistics and shipping services, be it shipping agency, stevedoring, heavy-lifting, custom clearance, transportation or road surveying. We are more than pleased to assist in any way and assure you of the best and quickest of services.

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