Delta Maritime Delivers 28 Volvo Hydraulic Excavators in Greece

Delta Maritime are pleased to announce the successful delivery of 28 Volvo hydraulic excavators and their accessories in Greece for their client Spiecapag / Aktor.

The cargo was transported from Piraeus to Alexandroupoli for the construction of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline ( and the 28 excavators consisted of 14 x Volvo EC480 Model (49tns each with dimensions of 13 x 3.55 x 4.15m and 14 x Volvo EC380 Model (44tns each with the same dimensions).

The cargo arrived from South Korea to Piraeus port by RO/RO operated by UECC. Delta Maritime undertook immediate charge of the cargo from the port and handled custom clearance processes and the delivery to site by loading the excavators on special certified trailers with the accessories on standard trailers.

All the cargo was urgently needed for the project and thanks to the expertise and flexibility of Delta Maritime, their customer received the excavators without delay and in perfect condition.

Delta Maritime are reliable PCN members in Greece and Serbia.

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