Delta Maritime with Transport of Tram Trains in Greece

Greek members, Delta Maritime are pleased to report an ongoing project they are assisting with involving the transport of tram trains from Piraeus Port to Elliniko Tram Station. The project, by the Greek Ministry of Transport, will help the flow of traffic throughout the Athens and Piraeus network and will be completed in 2021.

The scope of work handled by Delta Maritime includes:

  • Transshipment from MAFI trailers to special trucks trailer;
  • Transportation from Piraeus Port to Elliniko Tram Station;
  • Unloading of the trams directly to the rails of the station.

The tram trains arrived from Spain to Piraeus Port in Athens by RORO vessel on MAFI trailers. Ms. Athena Matlà explains; “This project had a unique procedure with the trams not lifted and discharged by crane on trucks but rolled onto the modified trailers, which have rails, with the help of a connection bridge. The trucks then departed from the port and made the 2-hour trip to the destination. On arrival, a special ramp was also constructed to connect with the special trailer and roll the trams from the trailers rails to the ground rails.”

“Despite the challenging situation of the Coronavirus outbreak, the transport was successfully handled with no issues. The project will continue to be handled in the most efficient way until its completion in 2021.”

Delta Maritime have been PCN members in Greece since 2014 and have been offering their specialised services to industrial projects for the last 15 years. Contact for more information.

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