Ekin Handle 86tn Transformer in Turkey

PCN members in Turkey, Ekin Heavy & Project Cargo Transportation Company have recently completed another successful transportation of a transformer and its accessories.

The Ekin Operations Team explains; “The transformer was transported to Hakkari, a hotspot region in Turkey due to terror attacks. The Ekin team provided complete logistics solutions to meet the requirements of our important customer. We sent our own equipment and trailers into the difficult region despite its high value. As a result of our vigorous efforts, the loads were transported to the delivery address on time and without any damage.”

Besides the transportation and other related services, the discharging of the transformer and accessories was also handled by Ekin. The unloading of the transformer main body from the trailer was performed with a jack & slide system with the accessories unloaded by crane.

The transformer weighed 86tns and the dimensions of the main body were 6.6 x 2.45 x 4m.

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