Eleven Danir 19 Deliver 520 Pieces for the Mining Industry

Eleven Danir 19 are pleased to share their recent LNK Project involving domestic transportation in the Baltic Region of more than 520 pieces (including OOG up to 7m wide), with a total weight of 1,917mtn, for the mining industry.

Their scope included loading plan arrangements & operations surveys, acceptance of the cargo from the ship, sorting, outdoor & indoor storage and delivery by more than 150 trucks with the assistance of pilots and police escorts for the OOG pieces.

“To organise the subsequent transportation procedures, our company sorted more than 520 items of various metal constructions in the Port of Riga immediately after the cargo was unloaded from the vessel. This allowed us to plan the loading of the cargo onto vehicles in a short time and with the most optimal loading plan. Sorting was carried out not only by the type and weight, but also by the place of storage as the sensitive cargo was stored indoors. All operations taking place in the port were carried out under the supervision of a arranged independent survey monitoring the safety and correct execution of all procedures.”

Please click below for a short video outlining the impressive and successful operations.

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.


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