Europe Cargo Handle Shipment of Tug Boats

PCN members in Belgium, Europe Cargo are pleased to share a recent shipments of tug boats exported from Shanghai, China.

The cargo was loaded at Shanghai Port by floating crane and consisted of:

  • 5 x Damen Star tug boats (model 1606) weighing 86mtns each
  • 4 x Damen Star tug boats (model 1205) weighing 55mtns each

The 5 x 86tn boats and 1 of the 55tns boats were loaded on deck with the remaining 3 x 55tn boats loaded under deck. They were shipped to Rotterdam in the Netherlands with a final destination of Gorinchem where they were delivered to their owner.

Anouschka de Haan of the Forwarding Department at Europe Cargo elaborates; “The cradles were strapped to the tug boats by lashing belts and ratchets and were surrounded by d-rings & stoppers which were properly unlashed & cut by the crew upon arrival and grinded after operations.

In Rotterdam, the ship was berthed portside, with 3 ship’s cranes each at 60mt combining up to 110mtns, to the shore-side in order to guarantee a smooth discharge and to not disturb the offloading of the tug boasts into the water. The tug boats were discharged with 4 wire grommet slings connected by 4 shackles into the lifting lugs placed on the deck of each tug boat. A 200mtn-capacity mobile shore crane then lifted the cargo overboard and into water as the ship’s cranes could not be used as its outreach was not long enough. The cradles from the deck and lower hold were discharged onto the shore for collection by truck and the tug boats were then safely towed to Gorinchem by special pushboats.”

Please click here to view the full article (including photos of the operations) on our official website.

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