Europe Cargo Handle Shipping of Big 56tn Case

Europe Cargo received a request to move one heavy case, weighing 56tn and with dimensions of 1510 x 370 x 385cm, from Alblasserdam in the Netherlands to New Castle (PA), USA.

The project involved the following steps:

  • Arranging packing at shippers location;
  • Loading on truck at shippers location;
  • Trucking from shipper in Alblasserdam to Antwerp Port – special transport during the night was required;
  • Customs formalities at the Port of Antwerp;
  • Transport insurance;
  • Discharging cargo from truck onto MAFI trailer at Antwerp Port;
  • Shipment from Antwerp to Baltimore on MAFI (under deck) with carrier ACL (chosen for their short transit time of 14 days and weekly direct service);
  • Once the cargo arrived safely at Baltimore Port, Europe Cargo had asked PCN member in the USA, Thunderbolt Global Logistics to assist with the destination handlings;
  • The shipper then arranged the trucking from Baltimore Port to their facility themselves.

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