EXG Handle Breakbulk Shipment of 850 Large Pipes

Express Global Logistics (EXG) in India have executed the breakbulk shipment of 850 large double-walled steel pipes from Gujarat to France.

The shipment consisted of 425 polyethylene-coated steel pipes, each one weighing 1.8mt and measuring 12m long with a 25in diameter, and 425 bare steel pipes, each one weighing 1.3mt also at 12m long with a 18in diameter. The total weight of the shipment was 1,320mt with a volume of 3,121m3.

EXG’s scope of work included:

  • Inland haulage of the 850 pipes in India from Dahej and Kandla to the wharf of Kandla Port;
  • Providing Customs House Agent (CHA) services at Kandla Port;
  • Providing unique marks and numbers on each pipe (without material damage) so that the customs authorities were satisfied that the cargo could be individually identified;
  • Storage at Kandla Port;
  • Arranging of vessel and loading of pipes with proper lashing and securing;
  • Ocean freight from Kandla in Gujarat to France.

The shipment was meticulously handled by Express Global Logistics and their team displayed punctual planning and timely coordination with all parties which led to the successful execution.

Express Global Logistics (EXG) is a project specialist company, established in 1946 with headquarters in Mumbai, India. An asset-based company with a pan-India presence, they are backed by their own fleet of Goldhofer hydraulic axles, cranes up to 450tns and warehouses.

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