EXG Transport Four Modules for Government PSU in South India

Express Global Logistics recently completed the movement of four modules from a port on the South East coast of India to a Nuclear Unit site.

The cargo, featuring dimensions of 12.0 (L) x 5.30 (W) x 5.30 (H) meters, was transported on six hydraulic axles for a distance of more than 700 kilometers. The scope of the project for EXG’s team involved port handling and transport solutions.

The height of the package made transportation more challenging, and made it necessary to remove over-height obstacles such as signboards, hoardings and traffic fittings.

EXG’s team were also required to organise multiple shutdowns of electrical wires en route, for which they had to request multiple permissions in advance as to keep to the sharpish schedule of the shipment.

Adding to the challenges were the local rail-crossings and routes through narrow streets of villages where managing the local establishments and populations along with dense traffic was a critical and time-consuming task.

“EXG’s seasoned team of senior supervisors and traffic managers displayed immense patience, people & time management skills to make the cargo available at the destination site safely and within the planned delivery timeline.”

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