Express Global Logistics Going Green with Electric Forklifts

As part of the green commitments of the company, Express Global Logistics (EXG), with headquarters in Mumbai, has expanded their MHE division to replace their diesel forklifts with new electric models.

The newly introduced electric forklifts, from Toyota & Goderj, include both 2tn and 3tn models. The EXG team commented; “The forklifts were specially selected with wider and longer forks as well as dual tyres for a shorter turning radius which makes lifting easier when deployed at our esteemed client’s sites on long-term contracts.”

Express Global Logistics now has 90 pieces of equipment under its MHE division including reach trucks, BOPT, tow-trucks & electric forklifts. The majority of this equipment is deployed at their various client’s sites 24/7.

EXG are proud to take another move towards the green revolution by adding electric forklifts to our equipment list.

Express Global Logistics have been valued PCN members in India since November 2014.

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