Express Global Logistics Handle Transport of 3,000mtn of Rails

Members in India, Express Global Logistics (EXG) have transported a total of 3,000mtn of rails from Chennai Port to Koyambedu Metro Yard, Chennai for the Metro Project.

The cargo of 910 bundles of rails totalling 49,000m in length was imported in one lot at Chennai Port and EXG conducted an in-depth inspection at the site before unloading the cargo to identify and rectify any challenges ahead.

EXG specially fabricated the rail clamps and lifting beams to mobilise them efficiently and ensure the safe handling of the grade head hardened (HH) rails. The movement was critical because RDSO (Research Designs and Standards Organization – Indian Railways) requirements were to be implemented during the operations.

The mobilisation of the rails was restricted during the day and so EXG had to schedule the compete delivery in night movements. Operators were working continuously on alternate shifts to complete the lifts for loading and unloading of the shipment using spreaders. The delivery to the site from the port was done on extendable long trailers to comply with EXG’s Japanese client’s specifications.

EXG are pleased to announce the movement was completed within the stipulated time period without compromising the safety and quality of work.

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