Freight in Time Enjoy Success with New Sea-Air Shipment Service

Freight in Time are pleased to announce the success of their recently launched Sea-Air Service, which has garnered a positive response from the market with its largest shipment to date of 11 tonnes.

“Our solution of Sea-Air Service provides a seamless integration of sea and air cargo transportation.”

The shipment consisted of a variety of goods, including personal effects, household goods, telecom equipment, healthcare, food, and US military spare parts, transported from Djibouti to Kano, Lagos, Johannesburg, Mogadishu, and the USA.

Freight in Time’s team worked closely with their clients to tackle challenges related to customs clearance, documentation requirements, security checks, and compliance with regulations for cargo that was shipped via sea freight from China to Djibouti, before being transported via Ethiopian Airlines charter.

This successful delivery, carried out on behalf of IDIPO Free Zone and the US Navy, highlights Freight in Time’s innovative approach to designing tailored solutions for clients with specific sea-air cargo transportation needs.

“Our ultimate goal is to facilitate swift and secure international trade and commerce across all borders.”

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