FREJA Participate in Highly Anticipated Bridge Construction Project in Norway

PCN members in Norway, Denmark and Finland, FREJA Transport & Logistics are pleased to share a new video from one of their latest projects.

A new bridge is being constructed in Narvik (North Norway) which will be the second largest suspension bridge in the country. FREJA have handled the discharging & on-carriage to the jobsite of 98 cable reels & their parts weighing a total of 4,289tns / 4,356m3. The job was completed in 17 days with teams working day and night to transport the cargo through both snow and sunshine. It was necessary to temporarily close several streets and bridges in order for the cargo to pass through.

The efficiency and attention to detail of the FREJA team made the operation a complete success! Please watch the video below to see how FREJA participated in this highly anticipated project.

Please click here to view the full article on our official website.

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