Global Cargo Line Deliver Unipoles

Global Cargo Line are delighted to share a recent example of their continued work in big industry projects in the Middle East. A core client of the company needed to move 23 Unipoles and their fittings from Doha to Bahrain.

Client Requirements

  • Packaging of the Unipoles & their parts & loading into containers at site;
  • Land transport of the loaded containers to Doha Port – A total of 2 x 40’FR & 12 x 40’HC;
  • The total weight for the shipment was 220,822kg;
  • The cargo needed to be delivered to the site very urgently to prevent any downtime in work.

Global Cargo Line Work

  • An immediate & effective land transport solution was provided to deliver the whole shipment;
  • A full DDP scope of work including packaging, lashing & securing the cargo on trucks, border work, full paperwork, customs, handling, unloading at the site in Doha & insurance;
  • Due to difficult sanctions in Doha, we had to be creative so we shipped the cargo to Sohar & then re-shipped to Bahrain;
  • Offloading at the site by hired mobile crane;
  • All handling & operations for this cross-trade business was handled & controlled from the Global Cargo Line operations team in Lebanon & physically through their teams in both countries.

The job was performed perfectly and the cargo arrived on site safely and well in time. Please click below for videos of the loading onto trucks.

Video 1
Video 2

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