A Global View with a Personal Approach at Eleven Danir 19

We are pleased to approve Eleven Danir 19 as new members in Latvia. The company are already members in KazakhstanKyrgyzstanRussiaTajikistan and Uzbekistan and by adding Latvia, all their offices are now official PCN members.

“While being a freight forwarder for all types of cargo, we have a special passion for project cargo, oversize deliveries and heavy cargo. After more than 18 years of serving clients in international transport and logistics from many different industries, we are undoubtedly proud of the results achieved and the brand we have created. Detailed awareness of industry-specific challenges allows us to cooperate with a wide range of companies, all with unique needs and requirements. Within each of these industries, we offer experts who understand exactly what it takes to deliver tailored logistics solutions.”

“We offer our project logistics services across any mode of transportation and we can handle the logistics operations for an entire project, creating a timeline and a complex scheme to ship and receive all materials that are necessary to complete the plan. A global view with a personal approach to each project is our key to consistent success.”

Photographed above is an excellent example of the synergy between the Eleven Danir 19 branches as the project involved their Latvian, Russian and Kazakhstan offices. The cargo consisted of 10 units of out-of-gauge heavy machinery and they handled the multimodal transportation by road and sea.

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