Gold Star Handle Transport of Engines for Vyborg Shipyard’s Icebreaker

From December 2016 to the beginning of April 2017, Gold Star Consulting (members in Finland, Russia and Estonia) have organised the transportation of the main engines for Vyborg Shipyard’s new Icebreaker ARC-130 vessel.

Gold Star first transported generators from the Russian manufacturers to a factory owned by Wärtsilä in Vaasa where they were combined with Wärtsilä engines. Shortly after, the complete engines were transported from Vaasa to Vyborg Shipyard via the Port of Saint Petersburg where Gold Star also took care of the customs clearance.

Igor Luostarinen (Managing Director) explains; “The first two engines (each weighing 83tns plus spare parts) were delivered by RO-RO vessel before Christmas and because of a delay on Wärtsilä’s side, we only had one week preparation work in Finland. But against all odds, we managed to deliver the engines to Russia on the last vessel of 2016.

The second two main engines for the Icebreaker (each weighing 133tns plus spare parts) were delivered by MPP vessel from Port of Vaasa to Russia, and after the customs clearance in St. Petersburg, we delivered the cargo by road to the final destination in Vyborg. The biggest challenges of this stage of the operations was the height of the cargo (4.15m) coupled with their heavy weight (133tns). Before the transportation, we organized the route surveys and we are grateful for Russian Road Police for supplying us with escorts during the transportation.”

During April, Gold Star have delivered another set of engines for the Icebreaker, again with Vyborg Shipyard as the destination. The smooth coordination and cooperation between the Gold Star offices in Finland and Russia led to a successful project and a happy client with every piece of cargo delivered safely and on time.

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