Gold Star Handle Urgent Shipment from Germany to Russia

PCN members in Finland, Estonia and Russia, Gold Star Consulting handled an urgent OOG transportation of 3D milling machines earlier this month which shows their excellent level of professionalism. The cargo had dimensions of 6.80 x 3.85 x 4.20m and a weight of 24.5tns.

Gold Star Managing Director, Igor Luostarinen: “On 1st November at 19:00, I received a phone call from our client in Estonia with a request for an urgent transportation of OOG cargo from Port Hamburg in Germany to Lipetsk in Russia which had to be delivered before 12th November.

The next morning on 2nd November, we contacted our reliable haulier partner in Hamburg and requested the permissions for OOG transportation which usually can take up to 10 days. However, due to our urgent request, we received the permissions the next day on 3rd November and at 14:00 the cargo was loaded to trailers and during the night was delivered to Port Lübeck in Northern Germany.

At Port Lübeck, the cargo was loaded to MAFI trailers and shipped to Port Paldiski in Estonia where the Gold Star Estonian team took responsibility of the project. The vessel arrived to Port Paldiski at 15:30 and by 17:00, the cargo was reloaded to trailers and all customs formalities were completed.

On the morning of the 10th November, the trucks arrived at the customs terminal in Moscow and on the evening of 11th November, the cargo was delivered to the final destination within the deadline. The milling machines have now been installed at the factory ready for a visit from Russian Prime Minister, Dmitry Medvedev.”

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