Gold Star Showcase Their Recent Projects in Russia

We are pleased to announce Gold Star Consulting as a new PCN member in Russia. The company are already active PCN representatives in Finland. Gold Star are specialists in project forwarding and multimodal transportation. Their Russian office is located in Saint Petersburg with their Finnish office in Espoo.

Gold Star are looking forward to working with PCN members and further developing business activities in Russia. In the last 3 months, the dynamic Gold Star team have successfully completed delivery of several OOG projects from Europe to Russia. Managing Director, Igor Luostarinen provide details of each project below.

1. Nuclear Power Plant:
A one-year long project delivering equipment from Sheffield in the UK to Saint Petersburg. The cargo was liquid pumps for a nuclear power plant. In total, we shipped 6 sets of equipment and we were responsible for the transportation in the UK, export customs formalities, sea freight and port forwarding in Saint Petersburg.

2. Compressor Equipment:
The delivery of compressor equipment from Hünxe in Germany to Kazan in Russia via Saint Petersburg port. The weight of the biggest unit was 72tns and we organised the transportation in Germany, port operations in Lubeck in Germany & in Saint Petersburg, sea freight, and the delivery from Saint Petersburg to the job site.

3. Forklifts Delivery:
The delivery of 4 forklift trucks from Saint Petersburg to Aktau port in Kazakhstan. Gold Star were responsible for the port operations in Saint Petersburg and the delivery of the cargo from Saint Petersburg to the final destination in Kazakhstan.

4. TogliattiAzot Project:
We handled equipment from Antwerp port in Belgium to Togliatti in Russia for TogliattiAzot (a Russian chemical company). The cargo had a width 4.02m and our company organised the relocation of the shipment between terminals in Antwerp port, the sea freight from Antwerp to Saint Petersburg and the final delivery to Togliatti.

As another part of our business, we also provide a regular service for delivering cargo in containers from China’s main ports to Russia for several different clients.

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