Goodrich Partners with Afriguide to Deliver OOG Shell Cans

PCN members, Goodrich Central Asia partnered with Afriguide Logistics to move 12 oversized units of shell cans from South Africa all the way to Kazakhstan. The largest units had dimensions of 7.9 x 4.2 x 4.2 and weighed 61mt with the smaller units at 45mt.

Sanju K. Mani at Goodrich explains; “The Covid-19 situation delayed the production of the project which was supposed to be ready in April or May 2020 but was finally ready in September. The Afriguide Logistics team are our ‘go-to’ partner in South Africa and as always, they did a great job of arranging the trucks and ocean freight to Mersin in Turkey.

At Mersin, the units were loaded on the waiting trucks to embark on the 5,000km journey to Kazakhstan via Georgia and Azerbaijan. The offloading of these beauties, which came from a pleasant +30° to a freezing -25°, was also handled under the scope of Goodrich.”

The smooth handling and on-time arrival was thanks to the expertise and experience of Goodrich Central Asia and Afriguide Logistics.

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