Grand Arabia Handle Combifloat Barge Project

PCN members in Jordan and Iraq, Grand Arabia have handled the transportation of a Combifloat barge from the UAE to Jordan by land for a construction project. As part of the same project, Grand Arabia have also handled the sea freight of spud barges from the Netherlands to Aqaba port with the assistance of Alexander Global Logistics (PCN members in Germany, Russia and Mongolia).

Grand Arabia’s scope of work included:

  • Consulting with client – Grand Arabia recommended to transport the cargo by land instead of sea which saved transit time and USD $60,000.
  • Providing the client with a complete operation plan including delivery dates for all materials which was fulfilled 100%.
  • Loading the cargo in the UAE.
  • Land transportation from the UAE to Aqaba in Jordan on 22 low-beds with 6 of them 18m in length.
  • Customs clearance in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
  • The sea freight for 8 spud barges each weighing 20tns and 18m in length from the Netherlands to Aqaba port in Jordan.
  • Land trucking from Aqaba port to the project site of the 8 spud barges on low-beds.

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