GRUBER Logistics Show their Expertise with Heavy Cargo

GRUBER Logistics have shown their expertise with the transport of 2 heavy units measuring 10.10 x 3.00 x 2.90m / 84tns and 10.10 x 3.40 x 1.46m / 86tns from Italy to Poland via the Port of Luebeck in Germany.

With their own low beds, GRUBER organised the transport of the 2 units from Italy to the Port of Luebeck where the GRUBER Project, Air and Ocean Division (PAO) took over the heavy lift cargo for its final destination in Gdansk in Poland.

GRUBER Projects Manager, Patrick Sommer, who was personally in Luebeck for the surveillance of the cargo’s handling, said that a challenge was that the terminal didn’t have the necessary hook for the lifting of the cargo, therefore this had to be organised quickly in order to make sure that the cargo would make the planned vessel.

On arrival in Gdansk, the cargo was picked up from MAFI’s by a floating crane and loaded directly onto trailers. Both heavy lift pieces arrived at their final destination safely, on time and without any damages.

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