Gulf Agency Services Handle Difficult Loading in Djibouti

Gulf Agency Services (members in Djibouti) are pleased to share some recent project cargo loading activities. The cargo was a multi-functional ship with dimensions of 30.0 x 12.6 x 9.5m as photographed above.

General Manager at Gulf Agency Services, Capt. Raja Farooq comments “The ship started its voyage at the Port of Tadjourah, a distance of 200km from Djibouti Port and we planned to load it from the sea-side with ship cranes. However, when the cargo arrived under hook it was found that the weight distribution was unsafe to lift from the hooks provided for the purpose. It was also determined that initial weight submitted was not correct and the actual weight was 480mtns.

To bring the cargo within the SWL limits of the ship cranes, the shippers were asked to remove accessories to reduce the weight by 40mtns. A crane boom was also cropped off and removed to bring the weight down. Once this was completed, diving operations began to pass the slings to lift the ship using a belly-sling technique with the two ship cranes used in tendon.”

The cargo was finally loaded safely and the vessel sailed from Djibouti. Another successful job expertly handled by Gulf Agency Services – finding solutions to unique challenges.

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